Vectis Hamstery and Exotics

Exhibitor and Breeder of Chinese Hamsters, Syrian Hamsters and Duprasi

The Vectis Hamstery Breeding Code

1) I will maintain a safe, clean and sanitary facility for all hamsters in my care.

2) I will breed only for the purposes of improving the quality of the breed and in accordance with the National Hamster Council code of practice.

3) I will not breed any male or female until they are both physically and mentally mature, and I will not continue to breed any male or female beyond an appropriate age.

4) I will not rehome any young hamster before the age of five weeks.

5) I will show discrimination in the sale of my hamsters and be concerned with the types of homes in which they are placed. I will make buyers aware of their responsibilites as hamster owners. I reserve the right to refuse to sell a hamster to any individual.

6) I will only rehome hamsters for breeding purposes to those affiliated with the National Hamster Council (or equivalent in areas not covered by the National Hamster Council).

7) At the time of sale, I will provide the buyer:

a)  a written three-generation pedigree including the hamster's date of birth and registration number

b) information on hamster diet and care

8) I will offer advice and support for the life of any hamster rehomed via Vectis Hamstery. If the buyer finds themselves unable to care for a Vectis hamster, they should liaise with me to return the hamster (refunds will not be provided).

No Vectis hamster should ever end up in a rescue centre as s/he always has a home here.

9) I will keep accurate records, including pedigrees, all litters for sale and all hamsters sold. Rehoming records containing names and addresses of new owners will be retained for two years.

10) I will be honest and ethical in my dealings with buyers.