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Black-Eyed White Chinese Hamsters

Black-eyed white Chinese hamsters have been described as appearing sporadically in the UK since the 1980s. These occasional black-eyed whites (BEWs) did not result in reproducible white offspring and in many cases appeared to be infertile. 

A line of dominant spot Chinese hamsters was developed in the Netherlands around 2006 which regularly produced BEWs. Several exhibitor/breeders in the UK have imported animals from this line since 2009. Black-eyed white Chinese became standard in the Netherlands in 2012, and in 2014 in the UK. The UK standard can be found here

No specific health problems have been noted to date in black-eyed white Chinese, although they can be smaller in size and slower to develop as pups.

BEWs at Vectis

I had wanted a black-eyed white Chinese hamster since I first saw them online, and even more so after I saw one 'in the fur' in 2009 - they were so stunning. 

After much waiting, I acquired my first BEW, a boy called Brighstone, in 2011 from the Dutch line at Hamstery My Way.

My first home-bred BEW was born in 2012. Since then I have both bought and bred many more in my aim to help establish black-eyed white Chinese hamsters in the UK. This culminated in achieving a provisional standard being approved by the National Hamster Council which has been in place since January 2014.

I love BEWs so much that I chose my hamstery name with them in mind. Vectis is the Roman name for the Isle of Wight, a place I spent many family holidays. Before my first trip as a young child, I imagined the Island as being somewhere near Antarctica and covered in snow, ice and penguins!

My black-eyed white Chinese hamsters and their relatives are therefore named after places on the Isle of 'White'.

In November 2014, I was thrilled to win Best in Show with Firestone, a Vectis-bred black-eyed white boy whose dad, Boblet, was also bred here.

BEW UK Showing Timeline

Provisional NHC Standard Awarded:

January 2014

First BEW Class:

August 2014

Fillongley Show, Midland Hamster Club

Won by Lilliput Hamsters

First BEW Best in Show:

November 2014

Brockholes Show, Northern Hamster Club

Won by Vectis's Firestone

First BEW Reserve Best in Show or 
Best Opposite Sex:

November 2014

Brockholes Show, Northern Hamster Club

Won by Vectis's Luccombe

First Certificate of Merit Awarded to a BEW:

October 2015

Othery Show, Southern Hamster Club

Won by Vectis's Luccombe

First BEW Champion:

Not yet achieved

First BEW Grand Champion:

Not yet achieved

Permanent NHC Standard Awarded:

Not yet achieved

BEW Thanks

Throughout my journey with BEW Chinese hamsters, the support, advice and help from others has been absolutely invaluable. My thanks go to:

  • Hamstery My Way - for providing me with foundation animals and advice
  • Duncton Hamstery - for importing help and breeding loans
  • Lilliput Hamsters, Cheverton Hamsters and Doric Hamstery - for all the work they are also doing with BEW Chinese hamsters 
  • Bourne Valley Hamsters, Custard Hamstery, Heather, and Tristar Hamsters - for kind loans of hamsters for breeding as well as advice and support
  • the former Forever Hamsters - for showing me my first BEW Chinese 
  • Mythic Hamstery - for their helpful Chinese hamster matings
  • all the owners of Vectis hamsters, past and present - I couldn't continue breeding without finding such wonderful homes for my babies