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Exhibitor and Breeder of Chinese Hamsters, Syrian Hamsters and Duprasi

2016 Litters

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Campbell Hamster Litters


Born: 15/3/16

Mum: Wellington's Clodia at Vectis (blue fawn)

Dad: Wellington's Cicero at Vectis (argente)

There were two pups, one male argente and one female blue fawn.

Chinese Hamster Litters



Mum: Lilliput's Sumtin at Vectis (dom spot)

Dad: Vectis's Astere at Doric (BEW) 

There were two dom spot pups, one male and one female.

Wintons I

Born: 20/3/16

Mum: My Way's Niton at Vectis (dom spot)

Dad: My Way's Winford at Vectis (dom spot)

There were three pups in this litter: one black-eyed white, one dominant spot and one normal

Herrogs - born 5/4/16 

Born: 5/4/16

Mum: Vectis's Herrena the Henna-Haired Harridan (normal)

Dad: Chair of Oblique Frogs at Vectis (normal)

There were two pups in this litter, both normal girls.

Wintons II 

Born: 13/4/16

Mum: My Way's Niton at Vectis (dom spot)

Dad: My Way's Winford at Vectis (dom spot)

There were six pups in this litter: two black-eyed white females, one black-eyed white male, two dominant spot females and one normal male. 

Winmotts (all reserved)

Born: 12/7/16

Mum: Vectis's Mottistone (BEW)

Dad: My Way's Winford at Vectis (dom spot)

There were two dom spot female pups in this litter.


Born: 24/9/16

Mum: Vectis's Liessa Dragonlady (normal)

Dad: Lilliput's Lio!rt Wyrmbidder at Vectis (normal)

There were five normal pups in this litter - 3 female and 2 male. 

Syrian Hamster Litters

Born: 31/3/16
Mum: Tristar's Dryad at Vectis (SH cinnamon)
Dad:  Tuftyfluff's Tywin (LH cinnamon)
There are 8 pups in this litter, all cinnamons. 3 short haired, 3 long haired, 1 longhaired rex and 1 short haired rex.

Born: 7/7/16
Mum: Hurtle's Suevia at Vectis (LH dark grey) 
Dad: Tristar's Delphic at Vectis (LH yellow)
There were five pups in this litter - 2 golden males, 1 dark grey male and 2 golden tort females, all long haired. 


Born: 18/11/16

Mum: Bourne Valley's Valegra at Vectis (SH red eyed cream)

Dad: Wyeside's Majestic at Vectis (SH dark grey)

There arewere 11 shorthaired pups in this litter: 4 golden males, 1 cinnamon male, 4 golden females and 2 cinnamon females.